Facebook and Cornell U. backlash: Why we should worry!

Facebook engaged in a large study – 693,003 users – to see if emotional states could be transferred or changed via the emotional content of the news feed. Facebook did not feel it was necessary to get subjects’ consent before conducting the study. Here are 3 more reasons WHY this study IS IMPORTANT to us all!!

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Following the spirit as well as the letter of the law is the key to successful compliance. In turn, any governance depends upon the participants doing their job thoroughly and carefully.

In this case, the academics thought this was an important subject that could be nicely studied with Facebook users. They may not have considered how much it might upset users and the media.

Cornell University has a its procedure in place for getting approval for research with human subjects. As the image below illustrates, the researcher is expected to reflect on the project and if in doubt, ask for help.

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SunTrust CIO Drives Digital By Renovating and Innovating IT

“No one goes to a bank anymore,” Anil Cheriyan, CIO at SunTrust told me recently. “Very few people actually visit a bank branch. They need access to their financial information when they need it, whenever and however they need it. We are responding with a mobile-first, customer-first approach, providing a [...]

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Today, it is one of the largest banking organizations in the U.S. Under the leadership of William H. Rogers, Jr., CEO since June 2011, it has embarked on a new strategic thrust, focusing on three priorities: Optimizing the balance sheet and business mix; deepening customer relationships; and improving efficiency. 

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Groundwater losses putting U.S. Southwest supply in jeopardy: study


Since 2004, researchers said, the Colorado River basin – the largest in the Southwest – has lost 64 trillion litres, of water. That’s enough to supply more than 50 million households for a year.

Originally posted on Global News:

SAN FRANCISCO – Groundwater losses from the Colorado River basin appear massive enough to challenge long-term water supplies for the seven U.S. states and parts of Mexico that it serves, according to a new study released Thursday that used NASA satellites.

Researchers from NASA and the University of California, Irvine say their study is the first to quantify how much groundwater people in the West are using during the region’s current drought.

READ MORE:Bandits demand villagers deliver 35 buckets of water a day in drought

Stephanie Castle, the study’s lead author and a water resource specialist at the University of California, Irvine, called the extent of the groundwater depletion “shocking.”

“We didn’t realize the magnitude of how much water we actually depleted” in the West, Castle said.

Since 2004, researchers said, the Colorado River basin – the largest in the Southwest – has lost 64 trillion litres, of water…

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New York Times Chief Data Scientist Chris Wiggins On The Way We Create And Consume Content Now

“What were aiming to do is try to inform product decisions and marketing decisions, as well as potentially newsroom decisions.

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The ability to use the technical tools, that’s part of it. But part of it also is critical literacy–to be critical about somebody else’s story that they’re trying to tell you using data. And rhetorical literacy which is the skill of being able to use data use data and analysis of data in order to make a point–in order to tell as story yourself. We’re trying to teach all of those things.

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Biggest IPO in history may be coming. | OptionsHouse

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Alibaba would crack the top ten in terms of size of IPO if, as expected, the final size grows to over $5.5 billion.  Yahoo bought 40% of the company 10 years ago and still owns a 22.6% stake. It’s fair to believe that Yahoo shares appreciated near the end of 2013 as investors apparently sought to purchase this hidden value. Yahoo has stated they plan to use the IPO to sell 10% of their stake in the company.

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Inside the Artificial Brain That’s Remaking the Google Empire | Enterprise | WIRED

It was one of the most tedious jobs on the internet. A team of Googlers would spend day after day staring at computer screens, scrutinizing tiny snippets of street photographs, asking themselves the same question over and over again: “Am I looking at an address or not?’ Click. Yes. Click. Yes. Click. No. This was…

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This was a critical part of building the company’s Google Maps service. Knowing the precise address of a building is really helpful information for mapmakers. But that didn’t make life any easier for those poor Googlers who had to figure out whether a string of numbers captured by Google’s roving Street View cars was a phone number, a graffiti tag, or a legitimate address.

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Data Credibility: A Key Data Quality Dimension in the Big Data Era

Recently, there’s been a great deal of discussion within the information management industry about data quality. This discussion has gone beyond simply talking about what data quality means, to cover the potential consequences of poor data quality in operational and …

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“Data credibility is the extent to which the good faith of a provider of data or source of data can be relied upon to ensure that the data really represents is what the data is supposed to represent, and that there is no intent to misrepresent what the data is supposed to represent.”

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7 Steps for Learning Data Mining and Data Science

Editor’s Note: July’s feature on Techopedia is Analytics. Don’t miss our free Webinar, “How Can Analytics Improve Business.” I am frequently asked how to learn data mining and data science. Here is my summary. You can best…

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Here are seven steps for learning data mining and data science. Although they are numbered, you can do them in parallel or in a different order.

Languages: Learn R, Python and SQLTools: Learn how to use data mining and visualization toolsTextbooks: Read introductory textbooks to understand the fundamentalsEducation: Watch webinars, take courses and consider a certificate or a degree in data science (Read more in Ben Lorica’s How to Nurture a Data Scientist.)Data: Check available data resources and find something thereCompetitions: Participate in data mining competitionsInteract with other data scientists, via social networks, groups and meetings

RelateIQ Buy Could Patch Salesforce’s Analytics Gap

Salesforce’s $390 million acquisition of RelateIQ this week strengthens the CRM giant’s customer data analytics offerings and could boost its marketing suite, industry analysts told CMSWire. Salesforce Founder and CEO Marc Benioff (left) on Monday gobbled up the Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider that claims it’s known for driving “relationship intelligence,” rather than “relationship management.” “Salesforce needed to deepen its analytics offerings significa Topic: Customer Experience.

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"While Salesforce has done a great job with reporting to do real analytics, prediction, you have to go to Birst or Good Data in the cloud or take the data out of the cloud back into an operational data store like Teradata or Oracle or IBM or Microsoft," Wang Said. "This defeats the point of having it all in the cloud."

WordPress plugin vulnerabilities affect 20 million downloads | ZDNet

Since May, security firm Sucuri has discovered critical WordPress plugin vulnerabilities affecting four plugins that have nearly 20 million downloads.

Source: www.zdnet.com

If you’re admin on a WordPress install, check to see that you have the following current versions of each affected plugin:

WPTouch (3.4.3)Disqus (2.77)All In One SEO Pack (2.2.1)MailPoet Newsletters (2.6.9)



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