Will this startup succeed?

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A data scientist crunches the numbers.

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Mild-mannered and self-deprecating — “Gosh, I’m not an engineer, I’ve never taken calculus; my value is asking the stupid questions” — Thurston holds law and MBA degrees and worked as an attorney for several years before moving to Intel Capital, a venture capital group that invests in outside companies. While reviewing potential investment candidates, Thurston became interested in looking for patterns that might indicate which businesses would go boom or bust.

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New Data Shows the Importance of Hashtags on Instagram | Dan Zarrella

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For more social media data like this, order my latest book The Science of Marketing now! One of the quickest growing social media platforms on the web at

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Not only do images that include hashtags get more likes than images that do not , there are certain hashtags that are correlated with more likes than the rest. The most powerful of these are a set of reciprocity indicating tags including “#followforfollow,” “#likeforlike,” and “#tagsforlikes.”

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Bill Bratton on Data and Analytics, Homeland Security and Hometown Security

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“In preventing terrorism, as in preventing crime, the secret is data, the intelligence that you make out of it and how you use that intelligence,” Bill Bratton told the audience at the CEB TowerGroup Financial Services Technology Conference this…

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Homeland security became hometown security. According to Bratton, 75% of the terror threats that have been detected since 9/11, have been detected by local police. He recounts examples from his tenure as the head of the Los Angeles police department between 2002 and 2009 where police investigating robberies or stolen vehicles found connections to terrorists because they now were trained to look for these types of clues. Bratton himself in that period spent 40% of his time on terrorism, compared to the 2% he spent when he was head of the NYPD, a position he was appointed to a year after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

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Twitter Trouble: 9 Social Media Security Tips — InformationWeek

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Two-factor authentication is coming to Twitter, but that’s not your only social media security worry. Here’s how to lock down individual and corporate accounts.

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"Social networking sites can roll out great levels of security," said AVG senior security evangelist Tony Anscombe in an interview. "The problem is at the other end of it, you’ve got users."

Should you delete your social accounts, unplug your router, throw your phone in the ocean and move off the grid? Keeping your information secure doesn’t necessarily require drastic action — but it does require action. Consider these steps to better protect your social media accounts.

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Forbes Media Invests in Premium and Real-Time Buying – eMarketer

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Mark Howard, senior vice president of digital advertising strategy at Forbes Media, spoke with eMarketer about where real-time bidding is headed and how Forbes is benefiting from offering media buyers exchange-based display advertising.

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There’s money that’s being spent through programmatic channels that is happening with or without the direct sales efforts. So rather than try and fight something that’s happening anyway, we wanted to run toward it and invest those resources so we could make ourselves more available to those who want to do business this way.
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Stephen Wolfram Blog : Data Science of the Facebook World

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Stephen Wolfram shares interesting Facebook data analysis finds from the Data Donor program of Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook.

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I’ve always been interested in people and the trajectories of their lives. But I’ve never been able to combine that with my interest in science. Until now. And it’s been quite a thrill over the past few weeks to see the results we’ve been able to get. Sometimes confirming impressions I’ve had; sometimes showing things I never would have guessed. And all along reminding me of phenomena I’ve studied scientifically in A New Kind of Science.

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How to spot a data scientist — FCW

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The hottest job in tech has vague definitions, but the skills and aptitudes needed are clear. What does the future hold for this rapidly emerging field?

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"The whole point of data scientists is to fundamentally ask big questions of the data you have," Sullivan said. "Your job is to think about gaps in the data, to question it, and how to combine it in different ways to create value that someone else can then analyze. Data scientists usually have math, tech and stats skills, but the X-factor for data scientists is intellectual curiosity – to have that vision of what the data might tell me." 

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Data Science for Social Good and Humanitarian Action

Being that I used to work for Chicago GSB – Love to see the good press!


My (new) colleagues at the University of Chicago recently launched a new and exciting program called “Data Science for Social Good”. The program, which launches this summer, will bring together dozens top-notch data scientists, computer scientists an social scientists to address major social challenges. Advisors for this initiative include Eric Schmidt (Google), Raed Ghani (Obama Administration) and my very likable colleague Jake Porway (DataKind). Think of “Data Science for Social Good” as a “Code for America” but broader in scope and application. I’m excited to announce that QCRI is looking to collaborate with this important new program given the strong overlap with our Social Innovation Vision, Strategy and Projects.

My team and I at QCRI are hoping to mentor and engage fellows throughout the summer on key humanitarian & development projects we are working on in partnership with the United Nations, Red Cross, World Bank and…

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Facebook Launches New Mobile Design for Business Pages

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Learn about the changes coming to the mobile version of your Facebook business page — and what you need to know.

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The best thing about it? Facebook Page admins don’t have to do anything to optimize for it besides keeping the web version of their page complete and up to date. How’s that for easy optimization? Let’s review the changes to the Facebook Page mobile layout so you know what to expect both for yourself as a page admin, and for your mobile Facebook Page visitors.

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KDD 2013’s KDD Cup Competition to Foster Scientific Collaboration with a Data Set from Microsoft Academic Search

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New York, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2013 The world’s leading Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining conference (KDD 2013), organized by the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (ACM SIGKDD),…

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“The KDD Cup gives data scientists the unprecedented opportunity to explore new applications of algorithms for Big Data,” said Robert L. Grossman KDD 2013 Conference General Chair. “By focusing this year’s challenge on one of the world’s largest research databases, Microsoft Academic Search, we are amplifying the impact of the Cup beyond data science community but to the entire scientific community regardless of discipline, industry or application.”

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