Famo.us, The Framework For Fast And Beautiful HTML5 Apps, Will Be Free Thanks To “Huge Hardware Vendor Interest” | TechCrunch

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Famo.us, the Javascript framework that’s designed for building crazy rich (yet still fast) interfaces in pure HTML5, is making two announcements out of the HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco this morning: the framework will be free to…

Carla Gentry CSPO‘s insight:

In a way over-simplified nutshell: Famo.us pulls off a whole lot of clever trickery to allow web developers to tap the GPU of a device (be it that of a computer, smart TV, tablet, or a phone) for calculations, no plug-in required. To the developer, that means being able to build interfaces that are simultaneously richer and faster. To the end user, that means super snazzy user interfaces without having to install any plug-ins.

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