Big data analytics is great but it’s no silver bullet

Experience really does matter! May not be a Silver Bullet but better than flying by the seat of your shorts!!!


A lot of the talk around big data analytics focuses on the sheer amount of data, the speed of inputs and the glitzy visualizations that can result from analysis. But if you focus on all those bells and whistles before really thinking through the problems you need to solve, you’re putting the cart before the horse, according to two business users of the technology.

“It’s about putting the business question first. In marketing, where my experience is, it’s clear if you’re driving program success by leveraging vast volumes of data, having the correct problem and … then having an answer that can show why you did what you did,” Mohan Namboodiri, VP of customer analytics at Williams-Sonoma, told attendees of GigaOM’s Structure Data event in New York.

John Sothan,  VP of finance for BuildDirect, agreed. “The way to turn data into insight is to squash the notion that big…

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