Bill Bratton on Data and Analytics, Homeland Security and Hometown Security

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“In preventing terrorism, as in preventing crime, the secret is data, the intelligence that you make out of it and how you use that intelligence,” Bill Bratton told the audience at the CEB TowerGroup Financial Services Technology Conference this…

Carla Gentry CSPO‘s insight:

Homeland security became hometown security. According to Bratton, 75% of the terror threats that have been detected since 9/11, have been detected by local police. He recounts examples from his tenure as the head of the Los Angeles police department between 2002 and 2009 where police investigating robberies or stolen vehicles found connections to terrorists because they now were trained to look for these types of clues. Bratton himself in that period spent 40% of his time on terrorism, compared to the 2% he spent when he was head of the NYPD, a position he was appointed to a year after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

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