Why I’m quitting social media

In case you haven’t noticed, it seems to have become a trend this year. In May, Paul Miller wrote about his experience living one year Internet-free for The Verge. The New York Times has written about digital detox camps, and Fast Company ran a cover story about a guy who unplugged for 25 days. Seriously, that was the conceit of the story.
I believe this is happening now because we American Internet users have reached a point of maximum social overload. I credit a perfect storm of new tools — smartphones, tablets, Up bands, Fitbits, and hell, even Google (GOOG) Glass — and new services that all feel necessary even as the old services (like Facebook) remain staples. Each morning when I wake, I check (in this order): Text messages, work email, Gmail, Yahoo (YHOO), Instagram, Facebook (FB), Twitter, and then anything else on my iPhone notifications panel.

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