What Facebook knows about data science may surprise you

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“Some people use [data scientist] as a job title, but we have people that range from PhDs in machine learning and natural language processing to web product engineers, and all of them are applying …

Carla Gentry CSPO‘s insight:

Eric Blattberg: How big is Facebook’s data science team in New York?

Justin Moore: Well, to me, data science is very amorphous. Everybody you ask is going to define it differently. I think someone who has the ability to tackle and work with large data sets often requires a lot of engineering chops to do it. That’s one component. But another piece is translating what the product needs are for the organization into the types of algorithms that they’re going to be writing. So not just tackling giant data sets but figuring our what you should be doing with that data to make the substantiative impact on our products.

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