These big data companies are ones to watch

Two miles away, cross-town peer Datameer is also remarkable, said Carla Gentry, founder of Analytical-Solution. “There are lots more companies out there, but most of the them just end up being a BI platform that anyone with an engineer could have started.” Datameer is different, she said.


It’s hard enough staying on top of the latest developments in the technology industry. That’s doubly true in the fast-growing area known as big data, with new companies, products and services popping up practically every day.

There are scores of promising big data companies, but Fortune sought to cut through the noise and reached out to a number of luminaries in the field to ask which big data companies they believe have the biggest potential. Which players are really the ones to watch?

That question, we learned, is rather difficult to answer.

“A list of ‘big data companies’ is interesting because of the definition,” said Dean Abbott, co-founder and chief data scientist of Smarter Remarketer. “Is a ‘big data’ company one that is pure-play analytics with big data? A company that does predictive analytics often with big data but not always—like Beyond the Arc or Elder Research? A large company that has a group that usually…

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