While High School Freshmen Hack ATM, Indirect Attacks Grow More Stealthy

These days it’s very simple to find this information online. In about 30 seconds, I found a link to one ATM manufacturer’s manual, and in another 30 seconds, on page 16, all three default passwords (albeit with a caveat saying they should be changed).

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By Jeremy Boorer, Director – Europe, Middle-East & Africa

CDCBValcartier02I read with interest the news that two 9th graders (14-year olds) in Canada found an online manual for a Bank of Montreal (BMO) ATM machine, and hacked in to Operator mode. The “damage” these two inflicted was to change the ATM surcharge (the amount the ATM owner charges the consumer during the transaction) to one cent. No money was extracted, and given their intent and honesty, what they did could be viewed as a “Robin Hood” moment.

BMO’s response was minimal, as they issued the usual comment that “steps will be taken” to ensure it does not happen again. What that presumably means is they will change the default password to stop idle access from anyone with the spare time to Google “ATM OPERATING MODE MANUAL” and follow a few links.

ATM Default Passwords Readily Available
These days it’s very…

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