7 Steps for Learning Data Mining and Data Science

Editor’s Note: July’s feature on Techopedia is Analytics. Don’t miss our free Webinar, “How Can Analytics Improve Business.” I am frequently asked how to learn data mining and data science. Here is my summary. You can best…

Source: www.techopedia.com

Here are seven steps for learning data mining and data science. Although they are numbered, you can do them in parallel or in a different order.

Languages: Learn R, Python and SQLTools: Learn how to use data mining and visualization toolsTextbooks: Read introductory textbooks to understand the fundamentalsEducation: Watch webinars, take courses and consider a certificate or a degree in data science (Read more in Ben Lorica’s How to Nurture a Data Scientist.)Data: Check available data resources and find something thereCompetitions: Participate in data mining competitionsInteract with other data scientists, via social networks, groups and meetings

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