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Basic UNIX commands

You don’t need to spend hours learning UNIX and buy 800-page books on the subject. The following commands will get you started, once you have your Cygwin console:

cd, pwd, ls (see section 2)tail -100, head -150 to extract the last 100 or first 150 rows of a filecp, mv, mkdir, rmdir respectively copy a file to another location, rename a file, create a new directory or delete a directory (you need to erase all files first)sort, uniq respectively sort a file and remove dupicate entries (you can sort alphabetically or numerically depending on the option; default is alphabetical order)gzip: compress/uncompress fileswc: count number of rows and words in a text filegrep: identify all rows containing a specific string in a text file (it helps to be familiar with regular expression)cat: display content of text file on your screenchmod: change file protections, see section 2history: lists the last commands you used, as it is very common to re-use the same commands all the time.cron, crontab: to automatically schedule tasks (running an executable once a day)

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