Fewer companies are hiring ‘data scientists,’ but data science is still hot

It’s about talent, not titles!


Job postings for “data scientists” have sharply declined and have been eclipsed by those seeking “data science” skills, according to my quick analysis of trends on job-posting site Indeed.com. It’s hard to draw too much insight from a keyword comparison on a single website, but I’ll try: The debate over definitions and job titles is coming to an end and employers just want people who can do the job.

The job, in many cases, is probably some subsection of the amalgamation of skills — SQL, Hadoop, statistics, machine learning, programming, etc. — the data community has been claiming for years that a data scientist should possess. I think many employers finally realize they need someone who can do some of these things, but they might not need someone who can do them all — and they likely don’t want to call…

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