It’s all about the data: Soon you won’t need a wristband to use Jawbone’s apps

The arrival of Apple’s wearable isn’t the only potentially game-changing development coming out of Apple’s big product launch for companies such as Jawbone. HealthKit, Apple’s platform for health and fitness data, is about to arrive. It’ll make it easier for Jawbone and others to get fitness information in and out of their own systems, and will presumably allow them to connect with the data which Apple’s own device collects. If HealthKit catches on, the whole idea of a piece of fitness hardware being tied to one device might start to feel obsolete


Jawbone, the maker of bluetooth headsets, speakers and a series of fitness trackers, including the impressive Jawbone Up, will soon allow folks without the physical Jawbone devices to use the Jawbone app. That means if you have a Fitbit (see disclosure), a smartphone like the iPhone 5s or even the future Apple Watch, you can send your data to Jawbone and get the benefits of the Jawbone integrations and coaching.

From the Jawbone blog post:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]Later this month we are launching a new UP app that allows anyone with a compatible smartphone, Android Wear device, Pebble smartwatch, or any wearable connected to the Health app for iOS 8 – such as the Apple Watch – to instantly join the UP community. In addition to making UP more widely available, we will also release an open device-connectivity framework for the new app, enabling device manufacturers to build products…

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