Lesson 2: NoSQL Databases are Good for Everything – Except Maybe this One Thing

Summary:  In general, it is true that NOSQL databases can do everything that RDBMS can do.  And almost always when data is ‘big’ they can do it faster and chea…

Source: www.datasciencecentral.com

Take the common example in which a deposit is made to fund A followed immediately by a transfer from fund A to fund B.  Since NOSQL relies on distributing the processing these two separate transactions may arrive and take action on fund A and fund B at different times depending on which of the three or four copies is being read.  The eventual consistency feature of NOSQL will ensure that all the points of storage agree, but there may be that lapse of a few milliseconds to a few minutes before all the reads from the system will agree.  If your customer immediately looks up his balance or initiates a third transaction, it could conceivably show different balances depending on which node is read at exactly which instant.

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