The Future of Engagement Is Big Data Plus Big Emotion

And big data? Is it the new nirvana — the perfect marketing moment? Big data needs big emotion, because algorithms will never read and respond to humans the way humans do. The big data machine can read the lines, but not between them. Relevance is one thing, irresistibility is another. Big data can turn up at the perfect moment, but not ignite it. It can spit out stories based on what came before, but it can’t dream the difference and feel the empathy that builds billion-dollar loved brands.


Old-world power, scale and money have been eclipsed by the velocity of ideas. Winning as a brand demands a climate where creativity can thrive, where diversity is standard, and where ideas fly in all directions all of the time. Creativity and innovation are in everyone’s job description, and the crazies and misfits (especially the loyalists and the fans) get a seat at the decision table. Everyone on the production team gets responsibility, learning, recognition and joy in equal measure. This is the blueprint for creative leadership…

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