Counting the cost of conflict minerals compliance – Rivo

This June was the first time that US-regulated companies were to provide any information on their conflict minerals compliance and only 6% met an acceptable standard.  It is obviously still early days, and organisations are not finding it easy to get the information they need from their complex supply chains.  After all, the minerals affected might be three or four degrees of separation down the chain from the actual manufacturer.  Additionally, the requirements of the rules (for now at least) are simply to identify and acknowledge the use of conflict minerals.  There’s plenty of assistance on offer out there too, organisations like the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI), the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative and Solutions for Hope specialising in making it easier for companies to find responsible sourcers of materials.  Even the big consultancies have conflict mineral compliance practices.  So yes, it isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.


So, this Fairphone which, just to recap, has been four years in the making, no doubt with much time and effort going into finding the conflict-free mines to source the materials from, can’t be particularly fairly priced surely?

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