How to Become a Data Scientist

Clearly data science is very hot right now. Where I think data science contributes the most is basically converting numbers and data into consumable information for human brains; data science helps with decision-making. Beyond the hype and the application of the scientific method to business data, [data science] is a great way to convert the information hidden in the numbers and data into visually and conceptually understandable models that managers can make decisions upon


With any position like data science, there’s a lot of excitement as people realize they can benefit from it. People see the value and the industry is really excited, which I think is great, but also there is a lot of confusion. The confusion [will die] down as people are getting used to what data science does and how it can [help decision-making], and some of the demand may die down as the extra excitement and hype goes down. But because of that root problem of data containing information which needs to be rotated and converted for humans to understand and make decisions, data science will stay here for a very, very long time – as long as businesses are generating data, and I don’t think that’s going anywhere. So I think there will be some clarification and some dying down of the hype in the near future, but I think data science is not just a fad and it’s actually a fundamental part of data-driven businesses.

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