Times Data Scientist Highlights Importance of User Data | News | The Harvard Crimson

Wiggins said that a good data scientist needs interpersonal skills because the ability to communicate ideas is crucial to getting any job done. Moreover, a data scientist should strive to build models that are “both predictive and interpretable” and constantly engage in critical thinking, he said.

Audience members said they found the lecture informative.

“It was interesting to learn how a print media company that has turned to an experiment in digital media wants to learn more about its users and how they can better serve them,” said Justin Ellis, a staff member at the Nieman Journalism Lab.

Source: www.thecrimson.com

the role of a data scientist is especially important in an age in which the journalism industry is adjusting to fast-paced changes to its business model, driven in part by a decline in advertising revenue for print media.

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