The internet of things isn’t producing a data deluge … yet

Data Science is Real! – See Carla Gentry’s Data Science is Real site. Met and interacted at a recent conference. …


There are already billions of devices — from forks to jet engines — connected to the internet, and all signs point to a huge surge in the coming years. Cisco, for example, predicts 21 billion of them in 2018, up from 13 billion in 2013. But despite those numbers, the companies that will be storing all that device data are less concerned sheer volume and more concerned about making it usable.

On the Amazon Web Services cloud, where anecdotal evidence suggests a large percentage IoT applications run, all that connected data is just a drop in an enormous bucket. Matt Wood, the company’s general manager of data science, said the world of big data has matured so much over the past few years that, for example, customers regularly spin up thousands of cores to process large datasets. It’s not yet commonplace, but common enough, that “we get blasé talking about petabytes and tens of thousands of…

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