‘Vegas’ explores mining of our personal data : Ct

Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars Entertainment, seems like an unlikely mastermind for a Vegas casino. After earning a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Loveman got a job teaching at Harvard Business School.

His research into consumer behavior led to the theory that the lifetime value of a single customer is affected by their satisfaction — the more satisfied a customer is, the more valuable they are to a company. When Loveman started to apply his research to casinos, he discovered that customers didn’t show much loyalty to any single casino over time. He suggested that the best way to retain customers was to use data the company was already collecting to develop a more robust loyalty program.

Source: host.madison.com

In addition to data collected by casinos, Las Vegas is a trove of public data — more couples marry there than anywhere else in the United States. And the subsequent divorce records provide even more personal details that then become part of the public record, Tanner notes.


While U.S. law does restrict trade of some personal information like medical and financial data and how some types of data can be used for decisions like hiring or granting loans, the rules are otherwise rather thin.

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