7 Steps for Learning Data Mining and Data Science

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Here are seven steps for learning data mining and data science. Although they are numbered, you can do them in parallel or in a different order.

Languages: Learn R, Python and SQLTools: Learn how to use data mining and visualization toolsTextbooks: Read introductory textbooks to understand the fundamentalsEducation: Watch webinars, take courses and consider a certificate or a degree in data science (Read more in Ben Lorica’s How to Nurture a Data Scientist.)Data: Check available data resources and find something thereCompetitions: Participate in data mining competitionsInteract with other data scientists, via social networks, groups and meetings


RelateIQ Buy Could Patch Salesforce’s Analytics Gap

Salesforce’s $390 million acquisition of RelateIQ this week strengthens the CRM giant’s customer data analytics offerings and could boost its marketing suite, industry analysts told CMSWire. Salesforce Founder and CEO Marc Benioff (left) on Monday gobbled up the Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider that claims it’s known for driving “relationship intelligence,” rather than “relationship management.” “Salesforce needed to deepen its analytics offerings significa Topic: Customer Experience.

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"While Salesforce has done a great job with reporting to do real analytics, prediction, you have to go to Birst or Good Data in the cloud or take the data out of the cloud back into an operational data store like Teradata or Oracle or IBM or Microsoft," Wang Said. "This defeats the point of having it all in the cloud."

WordPress plugin vulnerabilities affect 20 million downloads | ZDNet

Since May, security firm Sucuri has discovered critical WordPress plugin vulnerabilities affecting four plugins that have nearly 20 million downloads.

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If you’re admin on a WordPress install, check to see that you have the following current versions of each affected plugin:

WPTouch (3.4.3)Disqus (2.77)All In One SEO Pack (2.2.1)MailPoet Newsletters (2.6.9)


Meet Data for Good, the Hacker News for showing off your world-changing data science

Data scientists already have DataTau, a specialized version of Hacker News, that popular online water cooler for programmers. But some socially minded data scientists thought DataTau wasn’t great e…

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Data scientists already have DataTau, a specialized version of Hacker News, that popular online water cooler for programmers.

But some socially minded data scientists thought DataTau wasn’t great enough, and now they have their own site. Data for Good is a public-good-only fork of DataTau.

Data Science

According to the Office of Naval Research, data science crosses the gamut of sea, air, space and human performance issues in a unique and wholly essential way.
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“We deal with things in the air, we deal with things on the surface, we deal with things terrestrially, we deal with things under the water, we deal with human performance,” said RADM Matthew Klunder, chief of Naval research.  “What’s the one area that – no kidding – cross cuts all those things I just described? Data science.”

Internet of Things Done Wrong Stifles Innovation – InformationWeek

Anticipate and embrace the changes the Internet of things will bring or it will do more harm than good.

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The increase in the number of smart nodes brought on by IoT, as well as the amount of data the nodes will generate, will only increase concerns around data privacy, data sovereignty, and data security. Additional challenges will include understanding how devices will effectively and securely transmit and store these huge amounts of data. New messaging protocols like MQTT (messaging queuing telemetry transport) will become available to transmit the data securely.

Everything is Obvious – with Big Data from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Even with the limitations of big data and traditional scientific methods in business, evidence-based skepticism should drive all discussion in strategy.

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Common sense does well when “you get to run repeated trials of the same experiment over and over again…if the answer is yes, then I think that is an environment in which your intuition can be trained to work pretty well…That is how doctors are trained. They just see the same thing over and over again, and they learn that when they see X, Y, and Z, this is what they need to do.”

Salesforce.com plans a new research division, based on RelateIQ acquisition

Today, Salesforce.com announced it was acquiring “relationship-intelligence” company RelateIQ. Soon, Salesforce will use the acquisition to create a new research-and-development division, likely ca…

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And on the data front, Salesforce has acknowledged shortcomings. Pointing the RelateIQ team at the task of making the most of existing data from email, phone calls, and other sources should bring Salesforce up to snuff and possibly give it a lead over competitors like Oracle and Microsoft.

MediaPost Publications Making Noise When Twitter Goes ‘Silent’ 07/08/2014

Making Noise When Twitter Goes ‘Silent’ – 07/08/2014

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“In the instance of this Twitter silence, it’s human nature to pause in a tense moment, and we could also predict that penalties are going to happen in the knockout phase. So brands can prepare to a certain extent, while leaving the window open for last minute tweaks to accommodate the trends that emerge in the social market,” said Jeanette Gibson, VP of customer experience and community at Hootsuite, the social media management company.

Embracing ‘Next Best Action’ For Data Management

Standard data processing models and tools such as Excel are giving way to greater demand for graphs and more connective and analytical data management methods. Michael…

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Dependence on Excel spreadsheets to organize and work with data is decreasing, according to Rohian. “Excel is so accessible, and you don’t have to be really data-literate to use it,” he says. “We have a lot of Excel spreadsheets flying around our boardrooms and executive conversations. A lot of data is stored in that fashion because that has grown to be our comfort zone. People are realizing that’s not always the best fit-for-purpose, because certain data or information cannot be presented as easily or as completely using tables, relations and columns.”