Top 5 Data Science Gals

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Hilary Mason Hilary is the Chief Scientist at Bitly. She is a frequent speaker at conferences. She is commonly cited, interviewed and referenced in data science news/blogs/articles. Cathy O’N…

Carla Gentry CSPO‘s insight:

Although I do appreciate the mention, I’m getting pretty sick of being told by Other Nerdy Data Type people that I tweet too much – I DO NOT TWEET and POST for you, I Tweet and POST for the ones, who don’t know how to advertise, target market or run analysis – the people who are willing to learn how to do things logically NOT the ones who already know this……

I sit at a computer all day and write code, pull data and run analysis (not hang out in meetings or talk at conference (I decline them left and right), I do – not talk) therefore I have a tendency to tweet a lot instead of getting up and taking breaks – my target market is Marketer NOT people like me (Data Scientist) it is not my job to train you for free or tell you how I do my work – since I write code and apps, it is easy for me to auto-magically give good content not just key word searches, it takes me no time at all so I have plenty of time to do what I make a LIVING at – gleaning insight from messy data :o)

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