NSF invests in the future of big data interoperability

“Brown Dog today is developing a ‘time machine’ set of cyberinfrastructure tools, software and services that respond to the long-standing aspiration of many scientific, research and educational communities to effectively access, share and apply digital data and information originating in diverse sources and legacy environments in order to advance contemporary science, research and education,” said Robert Chadduck, the program director at NSF who oversees the award, in a statement. Beyond that, the team said even consumers could one day have a need for such a software, giving it life outside of just research.

Source: fedscoop.com

A team from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign received funding from the DIBBs program last year for an an early implementation project and evolved its research into a software called Brown Dog, which helps researchers make sense of outdated information trapped in the deep Web. It shines as a model for how DIBBs projects can extend beyond research into widespread, practical use. – See more at: http://fedscoop.com/nsf-invests-future-big-data-interoperability/#sthash.WqSlwqyw.dpuf

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