How Big Data Projects Are Different

An organization measuring the impact of social media in a marketing mix might have the following inputs: Customer satisfaction scores, likelihood to recommend, social media sentiment, marketing measures such as email clickthroughs, website visits, conversions, abandonment rates, sales transaction metrics across categories, and customer demographics. The organization might correlate participation in social media marketing using tracking URLs for attribution and determine correlation with uplift on the ecommerce site. This mix will have a number of inputs, since shopping conversion is only the last step in a potentially long series of activities and interactions, each of which strengthens or weakens the brand and the relationship.


Several important questions can be asked and answered: What content is most effective in engaging across various social media vehicles? How does variation in tone (humorous versus factual for example) impact the next behavior? How does that behavior change according to product line, web channel, specific web property, demographic segment, geographic territory, or user intent? The overall hypothesis consists of a range of questions about the impact of campaigns using a variety of methods for touching, attracting, engaging, converting and retaining customers

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