Twitter CEO Says Its Reach Goes Beyond Its 255M Users, But Can It Monetize Reach? | TechCrunch

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Wall Street thinks Twitter has a growth problem, but CEO Dick Costolo said at CodeCon its reach includes people who see tweets on TV and embedded online..

Carla Gentry CSPO‘s insight:

Twitter’s growth rate has improved in the last quarter, but only after falling sharply for a year. In Q4 2012 its monthly active user count was up 10.8 percent quarter over quarter, and up 10.3 percent In Q1 2013. But growth sunk to 6.9 percent in Q2 2013. Twitter’s share pricefell 18 percent when it reported growth had slumped to just 3.9 percent in Q4 2013, prompting concerns of a growth crisis. And $TWTR got dragged down 11 percent to itslowest value yet so far when its Q1 2014 growth rate improvement to 5.8 percent didn’t impress investors.

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